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Save 20% on Wonky Fruit & Veg...

Every year, as much as 40% of food produced globally is wasted, contributing to an estimated 10% of all emissions. In fact, the environmental impact of food waste is thought to be 248 times that of plastic. Unbeleaf-able right? But it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, Project Drawdown has identified food waste as the number one solution to solve climate change. That’s where Oddbox comes in – fighting food waste, one curvy cucumber at a time.

We work directly with growers to rescue the “too odd” and “too many” at risk of going to waste, delivering boxes of farm-fresh fruit and veg to doorsteps across the UK. By giving growers a reliable secondary market for pear-fectly edible crops, and by helping our community cook more resourcefully, we’re raising awareness and making a difference. We’ve also recently expanded our mission beyond fruit and veg.

The Odd Shop has a different selection of rescued products each week – from oat milk to ketchup to crisps. All at risk of going to waste for one reason or another, and all available for less than you’d pay in the supermarket.

We are pleased to offer members 20% off for 4 weeks!

Simply use the code EATODD20 when placing your order. 

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