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London Cask Company

London Cask Company

Invest in Irish whiskey with the experts at London Cask Company

“Irish whiskey is the most exciting spirit in the world right now and it looks like we’re set for yet more decades of blistering performance”.

Scott Flook, Expert in whiskey investment and owner of London Cask Company.

Our genuine enthusiasm for Irish whiskey is matched only by our passion for sharing it with you. At London Cask Company, we offer a complete, tailored service that enables you to invest in premium Irish whiskey. 

Dubbed liquid gold by the Financial Times, Irish whiskey is one of the world’s most profitable assets, providing average returns of 10%-12% per annum over the past ten years.

Moreover, the ownership of Irish whiskey casks provides a unique experience. It’s also an opportunity to cherish one of the world’s finest spirits and makes an exceptional gift for both connoisseurs and casual enthusiasts. 

Working with award-winning distilleries in Ireland, our long-standing relationships enable us to bring you high-quality whiskey. This ensures both an attractive and rewarding addition to a balanced portfolio for discerning investors looking for assets that defy traditional markets*. 

But what makes Irish whiskey so special?

The market for Irish whiskey continues to grow

Whiskey is a consistent leader in the Knight Frank Luxury Index. In the last 12-months, it’s grown by 40% and by 582% within a decade, meaning it’s outperformed coins, art and diamonds*. 
Aged Irish whiskey in particular is a highly sought-after, valuable and most importantly, tradable commodity where demand continues to outstrip supply. In 2019, sales of Irish whiskey topped $1 billion in the United States alone while global sales have grown by more than 80 million bottles every year over the last ten years.  

A physical and liquid asset that provides tax-free growth

Whiskey is not tied to the stock market and has a much smaller risk profile compared to more traditional asset classes. It’s also an investment that needs minimal medium to long term management, enabling you to quietly grow the value* of your portfolio with confidence. 

What’s more, as a wasting asset with a shelf life of less than 50 years, whiskey casks are not subject to Capital Gains Tax. Whiskey is also a tangible asset that can be easily realised if necessary as your casks can be sold as Irish whiskey after three years of maturation. 

How to invest in Irish whiskey

You don’t need to be a connoisseur to invest in Irish whiskey. But if you are, you’ll be able to discuss your preferences with a dedicated portfolio manager who will also consider your budget and investment goals. We’ll offer recommendations based on your needs and take you through all the relevant paperwork and assurances so that your certificate of ownership and provenance can be finalised.   

Why choose London Cask Company?

We offer a complete management portfolio service which includes guidance and expertise. We also take care of all the practical considerations, including secure storage using an HMRC approved facility, as well as insurance. Not only that, we’re currently the only whiskey seller in the UK that uses a regulated custodian for processing payments safely and securely. 

Investing with an experienced partner such as London Cask Company can help you make the most of this low-risk investment. For more information, contact us on 0203 150 1218 or email:

* Past and current performance does not imply that future trends will follow the same or similar pattern. Projections stated may not be achieved, and the actual performance may differ materially. The investment in whiskey may not be suitable for all. Investors should seek independent investment, legal and tax advice concerning the potential consequences of investing in cask whiskey.

All investments present the risk of loss of capital to the investor. 

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