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Le Marquis Luxury - Sardinia

Le Marquis Luxury - Sardinia

The Art of Luxury Living...

We have a selection of some of the most beautiful properties to rent in Sardinia and a concierge service for each property.

We will give you access to these properties and we will look after you as if you are staying in a private hotel. We will get you the best tables in the top restaurants, and find the best yacht charters in these waters. We also have access to some special chefs.

We can transfer you from your arrival airport or harbour: by helicopter, limousine or speed boat. We will have a concierge available  24/7.

This lesser known Italian island is the second largest in the Mediterranean and a well-kept secret. Sardinia has more than 1,500 km of unspoilt coastline, dotted with sand dunes, hidden coves and spectacular beaches. It has the purest turquoise sea and a rugged interior of mountains, caves, forests, olive groves, springs and waterfalls. The island is recognised as one of the world’s Blue Zones, a longevity hotspot, with an unusually high number of centenarians. Sardinia has the Costa Smeralda, with maxi yachts and the international jetset, but also has a wildness, quietness and simplicity that reflect a truer soul.

D H Lawrence, in Sea and Sardinia, noted, “This land resembles no other place. Sardinia is something else. Enchanting spaces and distances to travel-nothing finished, nothing definitive. It is like freedom itself”.

The Costa Smeralda on the northeast coast of Sardinia continues to attract celebrities, oligarchs, presidents, royals and tycoons of all nationalities, with Olbia airport at certain times of the season having the highest traffic of private jets in the world. Beautiful villas, yachts, designer boutiques, fine dining and a vibrant nightlife in a stunning natural setting make it a perfect destination.

Porto Cervo is the beating heart of the Costa Smeralda, where L’e Marquis has an excellent collection of hotels, villas and restaurants to recommend, as well as the renowned Pevero Golf Club and Yacht Club Costa Smeralda.

You can write to us : 

Or Telephone:+44(0)20 7692 4092

Sogno Beach Estate - Sardinian Luxury: The most exclusive property in Puntaldia, on the water , with 7 hectares, three swimming pools, tennis court, helipad and fully equipped beach. 7 bedrooms 

Villa Paradiso - Sardinian Luxury: On the waterfront at Portisco Bay, with stunning views, comparable to the Caribbean. 7 bedrooms. 

Island Views - Sardinian Luxury: The position of this beautiful villa offers a lovely view of the Bay of Cala di Volpe, the islands of Mortorio, Capo Figari and Porto Rotondo, and it is just few minutes from the most famous beaches in the Costa Smeralda. 6 bedrooms.

Porto Rafael Paradise - Sardinian Luxury:  Charming, tasteful and exceptional property with spectacular views of the sea and archipelago of La Maddalena, and a short walk or drive to  five different beaches.  6 bedrooms

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