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Harley House Distillery

Harley House Distillery

The Home of Sussex Spirits...

Established in 2017 by Adam & Heidi Cowley, Harley House is a small batch artisan distillery based in Seaford, East Sussex, producing a range of handmade spirits. 

The distillery started as a hobby with Adams’s love of creating various spirits and along with Heidi this soon turned into a business. The first batch of our signature Pure Sussex Gin was released in September of 2017 and was greeted with such acclaim it sold out in just under a week. Since then, the product range has steadily grown to now include 15 different flavours spanning gin, rum, vodka, and liqueurs. 

Something we take great pride in is the fact that we produce our spirits completely from scratch, including the neutral spirit. This is rare for a small batch UK distillery but allows us to create unique produce with the purest beginning which not only showcases our local area, but also leaves a lasting memory on the tastebuds!

Our art-deco inspired signature gin range harks back to the glamour and fun of the 1920’s/30’s offering a more traditional approach, with subtle yet complex flavours. These include our ‘Honeysuckle & Hibiscus Gin’, ‘Clementine Gin’ and seasonal ‘Sussex Sloe Gin’ made with Sloes hand-picked by us in the Sussex countryside. Also in the range is our extremely popular ‘Sussex Blue Gin’. Derived from our Pure Sussex Gin, this is infused with the petals of the Butterfly Pea flower from Thailand, which is a natural PH indicator and gives it its beautiful blue colour. When added to a mixer, this reacts with the citric acid to provide a magical colour changing gin!

Our flagship Pure Sussex Gin has won multiple awards including IWSC Silver In both 2019 & 2020, Great Taste award 2 star in 2020 and in 2021 it was also awarded Silver in the London Spirits competition. 

This is a delicious traditional London Dry containing 15 different botanicals!

Next up our modern ‘Curiosity’ Range is where we get to have some fun with flavours! 

Often designed collaboratively with and voted on by the public, with this series we aim to provide you with a flavour sensation you will not have had before. Featuring Indian Spice & Mango Gin, Raspberry & Elderflower Gin, Lemon Gin, Strawberry Gin, our award-winning Hedgerow Gin as well as a delicious Kaffir Lime Vodka. There are flavours for all tastes here!

Lastly, tasking inspiration from the Prohibition era of 1920’s America, we have created a series of rums from a time when the speakeasy was the place to be, and the party raged on below the streets! 

Our incredibly popular ‘Prohibition Rum’ series, features 3 varieties - The delicious bourbon barrel aged traditional ‘Golden’. Our award-winning ‘Spiced’ with its warming hit of winter spices and the delightfully different and complex ‘Toffee Spiced’ with hints of banana and vanilla.

We are pleased to offer memebrs a 10% discount across our range. 

Simply use the LR10 at the checkout. 

Every one of our spirits is distilled to perfection, bottled, and labelled by hand to provide you with a drink made with the utmost care and attention. 

E: | T: 01323491998

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