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Green & Grainy - Plant Based Treats

Green & Grainy - Plant Based Treats

Award-winning, handcrafted whole-food treats.

Green + Grainy make a range of delicious and unique plant-based cakes using nutrient dense ingredients. These wonderfully tasty, healthy treats are free from gluten, refined sugars, soy, palm and dairy. Green + Grainy cakes are made with raw cacao, organic fruits, nuts and seeds making them the perfect mid-morning snack or after dinner treat.

In 2020 Green + Grainy won two 2-star awards at the Great Taste Awards for their Maple Pecan Slice and Caramel Crunch Bar.

Artisan treats made with ingredients that have a positive impact.

There is one core theme to Green + Grainy, and that’s to do good. From using whole-food, organic ingredients to do the body good, to using packaging that completely decomposes wherever it may end up, Green + Grainy is founded upon the idea of leaving a positive impact for people and planet.

Teddie, the owner of Green + Grainy, is passionate about organic and regenerative farming practices. The vast majority of the ingredients are organic, or organically grown by those who don’t have the means to be certified.

“My goal is to form a close relationship with every grower and producer, so that we can mutually learn, grow and succeed. Ultimately I hope to run a regenerative farm in the UK, to grow what I can there and import that which can’t be grown here from other regenerative farms.”
— Teddie, CEO of Green + Grainy Ltd.

Established in 2018 - Green + Grainy began with Jasmin… 

Driven by her passions for promoting healthy eating, the environment and general wellbeing, Jasmin created Green + Grainy. Starting by catering for events the ingredients were often both green and grainy; but then she invented her cakes…

In 2020, after being a customer of Jasmin’s for two years, Teddie took over the business for fear of never being able to eat one of Jasmin’s creations again.

Bringing her experience of sourcing from working in the specialty coffee industry and her passions for permaculture and regenerative farming, Teddie hopes to lead the company to a very bright future. Teddie is also working with Kiss The Ground, a project that provides a climate change.

We are pleased to offer all members a 10% discount across our range. 

Simply use the code LIFESTYLE2021 at the checkout. 

01202 464755

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