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Funky Readers

Funky Readers

Fresh, new high-quality, fashionable reading glasses...

Funky Readers has a vision to bring fresh new quality fashionable and innovative reading glasses, sun reading glasses, funky eyewear and accessories to the UK. 

About Us

Funkyreaders was founded by Judith and Martin Cunningham who didn't want to sell boring reading glasses but designer European funky reading glasses.  

Funkyreaders is a UK brand and company that has been in the making for several years with the aim to sell UK and European eyewear. and reading glasses.

We have travelled extensively in Europe during that time - particularly in Italy and France - and noticed that the reading glasses of the Europeans were more trend setting and fashion conscious than those seen at home in the UK. Judith spotted a pair of velvet reading glasses in Siena, purchased them, and Funkyreaders was born. We now sell velvet reading glasses in our Doubleice range.

Funkyreaders have an idea that reading glasses in the UK should reflect the image, the look, the fashion and the personality of the wearer.

As Funkyreaders, we sourced branded reading glasses such as IZIPIZI formerly known as See-Concept, a brand of  Funky fashion reading glasses that are bright and exciting. We now sell them on Funkyreaders.

After only one year, we saw our small idea blossom into the viable funky readers business. We take Funky readers to the public during the spring and summer, travelling to major fairs at stately homes such as Chatsworth and Blenheim Palace selling our funky readers range of European and UK reading glasses 

So what do we hope for 2022?

Funkyreaders' vision is to continue to bring fresh, new high-quality, fashionable reading glasses to the UK for you all to enjoy. We're hoping for continued steady growth so we can continue to concentrate on providing a 1st class service with quality products for our customers - after all, without people to wear them reading glasses aren't quite as Funky! 

We are pleased to offer all members a 10% discount and free delivery on your first online order. 

Simply enter the code LR10 at the checkout!

Ciao for now !!

Martin & Judith Cunningham

07984 457 786

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