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Looking after your kit...

The Ultimate Wetsuit Hanger

  • Wetsuit, boots, gloves and accessories dried together
  • Made from recycled plastic
  • Robust and lightweight
  • Reduced drying time
  • Designed and tested in the cold North of Scotland

If you or your loved ones have a passion for cold water then the c-monsta is for you. No more neoprene lying around your house or lost boots and gloves.


400 of our lovely customers have taken the time to review the c-monsta and given it an average of 4.95 stars out of 5. We are very proud to think of all the people we are helping to look after their neoprene!

The Story

c-monsta is a small family run business from the North of Scotland with the aim of helping people to look after their cold water kit. By using the prototypes the founder, Mark, discovered that by not leaving his wetsuit in a stinking heap in the bathroom or van that he doubled the lifespan of his wetsuit. This doubled the lifespan of his wetsuit and less neoprene ended up in landfill.

Days of climbing into a cold wet wetsuit came to an end, stinking boots were less stinky, the cold water kit was always together, boots didn't get lost and his partner was happy to have her bathroom back from the sloppy spidery neoprene monster, defender of the shower tray!

The original c-monstas were made by Mark as Christmas gifts for friends but eventually he decided that he should share the idea with everybody.

If you think you might like one, you'll probably love it!

We are pleased to offer all members a 15% off the price of c-monsta wetsuit hangers. 

Simply click on the Visit Website button and your discount will be automatically deducted at the checkout. 

Tel: 07546 242 474

Address: 9 Paradise Lane, Lossiemouth, IV31 6QW


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